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Zerigo Health Solution Results

Phototherapy has been used for years to treat auto-immune skin diseases. New advances have brought this option into the forefront of treatment choices, used alone or in combination with biologics and topicals.

Now there’s a new and effective treatment for psoriasis, vitiligo and other photo-responsive skin conditions. The Zerigo Health Solution is a new spin on a well-proven treatment. See our results for yourself!

The results photographed below have not been retouched in any way. Combination therapy results are noted with an asterisk.

Vitiligo Patient Results

When skin affected by vitiligo starts to re-pigment, many people will see freckling. This is a good indicator that the light therapy is starting to take effect by stimulating the melanocytes to produce melanin.

What doctors are saying...

"Used alone or in combination with other medication, the Zerigo Health Solution helps heal the skin and reduce the discomfort associated with psoriasis."

“The novel delivery system supports the ability to deliver home phototherapy for chronic skin diseases, in a user-friendly, effective method that should allow high adherence and compliance leading to positive patient outcomes.”

From the Mother of a Pediatric Patient with Psoriasis*

"Love how the App tells me when it’s time to treat!"

"No more lotion needed when my son is itchy – Zerigo Health has healed his red, itchy plaques."

- Michelle (Patient's Mother)

Consistency is Key

Though results vary for each individual, consistency is important to achieve results. This patient has been using Zerigo Health to treat vitiligo and was 93 percent adherent to the treatment regimen, meaning that out of the 27 opportunities to treat, the patient completed 25 of the treatments.

Results May Vary

While individual results will always vary, our patients are excited about the changes they are seeing on their skin.

“The improvement that we have seen in such a short time is very encouraging, especially since our dermatologist said that it could take several months to begin seeing any improvement at all.”

- Mother of current vitiligo patient

Advice from Other Users

"The thing I would like to tell people is to just be patient and be consistent with the treatment. It’s like the Zerigo Health CarePartner told us when we had our initial onboarding call: “It’s going to take a while before seeing any major results.”

- Mindy (Patient's Mother)

Committed to Clearer Skin

"Love the Zerigo system! I had bad psoriasis all around my mouth that developed after pregnancy. I tried every cream, prescription and nonprescription, out there. The Zerigo light was my last ditch effort. I began noticing results within 6 weeks...and it completely healed around the 3 month mark. I can finally leave my house embarrassment free and make-up free again!"

- Amy (Current Zerigo Health Patient)

A look at our Clinical Study

Eight patients with stable plaque psoriasis (PSI score > 7) completed a 10-week monotherapy study with the Zerigo Health Solution. At the first endpoint, two patients achieved total clearance; one patient achieved early clearance at 4 weeks. All patients showed improvement with an average PSI reduction of 58%.

100% of study participants achieved clearance within two weeks when topical corticosteroids were combined with Zerigo Health Solution after the ten week monotherapy regimen was completed.

Read the full study here.

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The Zerigo Health Solution is a new Narrowband Ultra Violet B (UVB) treatment system that allows you to receive clinical grade light therapy in the convenience of your home.

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