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The Only Connected Solution for Treating & Managing Chronic Skin Conditions

The Zerigo Health Solution combines smart technology with personal coaching and support. No more trips to the clinic or doctor’s office. Instead, safely and easily treat your skin at home or on the go using a smartphone and our handheld device. Just push a single button to deliver the precise dose of light your doctor prescribed.

Our team of CarePartners is there to coach and support you throughout your treatment journey, making it easier to stick to your treatment longer to achieve results you can see.


Here's how it works

Narrowband Ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) light, which is present in natural sunlight, penetrates the skin and slows the growth of affected skin cells for psoriasis. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation several studies indicate that NB-UVB light clears psoriasis faster and produce longer remissions than broadband UVB. It also may be effective with fewer treatments per week than broadband UVB.

NB-UVB light is also a safe and effective treatment that stimulates melanocytes and helps repigment the skin. That's why it's considered the gold standard for the treatment of vitiligo.

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Good to Know

  1. Works on all skin types and sensitivity levels
  2. Harnesses the natural, healing power of the sun
  3. Can be used as monotherapy or in combination with other therapies (biologics, topicals)
  4. Works with most iPhones and Androids
  5. Safe for children and women who are pregnant or nursing (with doctor's consent)


Effective. Narrowband UVB light is a safe and effective treatment. While individual results will vary, you should expect to begin seeing results as quickly as two weeks for psoriasis and four weeks for vitiligo.

Smart. Zerigo’s smartphone-controlled light therapy device delivers the precise dosing prescribed by your physician at the touch of a button.

Connected. Through the Zerigo Mobile App, you are always connected to your Zerigo CarePartner to help coach and support you through your treatment journey.

Targeted. Treatments are directed only to affected areas, protecting healthy skin from unnecessary light exposure.

Flexible. Combining NB-UVB therapy with topical and systemic therapies has been shown to improve efficacy.

Affordable. Home phototherapy is more cost-effective than many oral medications used to treat auto-immune skin disorders. It's also less expensive than clinic or office-based phototherapy.

You’re a Great Psoriasis Candidate if You

  • Have plaque or guttate psoriasis on the face, trunk, arms and legs. Those areas respond especially well to phototherapy. The scalp, hands and feet, where the skin is thicker or not accessible to light, may be more difficult to treat.
  • Have mild to moderate psoriasis. You can treat 40 2"X2" squares (approximately the area of two sheets of paper).
  • Are willing to consult with your doctor every 3-6 months. Based on your progress, your doctor may want to adjust the regimen accordingly.

You’re a Great Vitiligo Candidate if You

  • Want to repigment your skin and prevent new spots from forming. The face and torso respond exceptionally well. Bonier areas such as hands, feet and knees require longer treatment cycles.
  • Have spots that are less than two years old. Early intervention and treatment are a plus.
  • Have mild to moderate vitiligo. You can treat 20 2"X2" squares (approximately the area of one sheet of paper).

Results You Can See

Through a unique combination of advanced technology, precision dosing controls, and personalized coaching and support, the Zerigo Health Solution empowers you to take your treatment into your own hands to achieve results you can see.

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